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The 5 - K course starts AND finishes on the bike path in Central Park. This will be a "socially distanced", time trial start. Participants will run East on the bike path to Fruitport Rd, turn left on the bike path and continue North past the Spring Lake Country Club and cross the Bowen Bridge over Petty's Bayou. Shortly after crossing the bridge, runners will turn around and run South on Fruitport Rd. Runners will continue South to Beach St. Runners will turn West on Beach and continue to Lake Ave. Participants will head South on Lake Ave and turn West on Buena Vista. Runners will continue West on Buena Vista until turning South on Alden St. Runners will continue South on Alden approximately 1/4 mile and turn East (left) onto the bike path. Once on the bike path, runners will continue East to the finish line located at Central Park.